One Love by Bien Savvy 2014 - Part 1

by - 3:00 AM

My dears, I’ve got something to admit. I’m in love. The head-over-heels totally smitten kind, and I can’t wait to share the object of my affection with you all. Because I couldn't find a better array of wedding dresses to showcase on our Valentine's week than the new One Love by Bien Savvy 2014... the name says it all! Once you lay your eyes on their collections filled with stunning gowns, you’ll be smitten too! Incorporating rich, luxe fabrics such as satin and lace with incredible beading and detailing, this Romanian bridal house offers brides some of the prettiest frocks I did every lay eyes on. Ready to take a peek? Well, here is Part 1.

Stay tuned, because Thursday I will be bringing you Part 2. UPDATE: See Part 2 here.

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