Brides saving thousands of dollars through thrifty wedding spending

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Brides are shedding thousands of unnecessary dollars from their big days and still getting their dream weddings by shopping on buy, swap and sell website Gumtree.
Every bride and groom knows wedding costs can be astronomical.
But thanks to some thrifty thinking, newlywed Alannah Poole believes she got her dream day for a dream price and saved $10,000 in the process.
"It is just one day," she told A Current Affair.
"It's important not to really go overboard and get too swept-up.
Among the items Ms Poole was able to find cheaper on Gumtree were a bridesmaid dress which normally retails for $320 (she purchased it for $120), pew bows for $10 and a collection of candy buffet jars for $20.
"Looking back, I got exactly what I wanted for a fraction of the cost," she said.

However, she has a warning for anybody looking to buy or sell on Gumtree: "Make sure that you meet in person, take delivery of the item in person. Just be aware and probably know if it seems too good to be true, it probably is."
Fellow bride-to-be Thea McKie was surprised with the amount of money she saved by purchasing her wedding decorations on Gumtree.
She believes she saved "in the hundreds or thousands" of dollars.
Not only that, but Ms McKie also on-sold all her wedding goods on Gumtree.
"There's a huge market and people are really keen with Gumtree. There's a huge selection," she said.

Ms McKie also on-sold most of her wedding supplies on Gumtree
Wedding stylist Karen Orr, who runs Neon Garage on the NSW Central Coast, often hires out wedding props.
She says going second-hand is a good way to get the unique look a lot of brides seek out.
Ms Orr recommends brides-to-be head to Pinterest to get a clear vision of what they want, then hit up thrift stores and websites like eBay, Etsy and Gumtree.
"They can save as much as they want to. One of the best weddings I've ever been to is a backyard barbecue," she said.
"It's about how they make their guests feel and how much they love each other."
Gumtree spokesperson Kirsty Dunn recommends shoppers do their research before embarking on buying, swapping or selling.
"There is almost 40,000 items currently listed with the term 'wedding' on Gumtree," she said.
"Always do your research... Ask why the item is for sale, ask if there are any receipts or warranties and always negotiation as well. If someone set the price at $100, though, don't offer $10."

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